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 Since we focus on life's celebratory occasions our "Gifting Back" initiative is no different.  In losing my own Mom to domestic violence, Gift Geisha supports the continued efforts by community organizations that work to end domestic abuse.  Throughout the year, we find creative ways to donate sustainable and heartfelt gifts to local survivors because celebration of ones birthday, accomplishments and successes throughout their transition is just as important as receiving toiletries.  Surprising recipients with ultimate self-care and tangible encouragement is always a good idea. 

Learn more about our previous initiatives and how you can "gift back" anytime.

"Gifting Back Gift Box"

Today, Anytime


Feeling charitable isn't just for the holidays and now you can send a gift box to a survivor at Turn Around Inc. anytime.  Curated with quality and impactful items, simply click below, feel free to write an encouraging message and we will deliver on your behalf.   



"I am Lovable"

December 2018

Partnering with Red Lips Red Wine, LLC our friends collective donations were above and beyond.  Allowing us to give five (5) gift boxes to Turn Around Inc. for the Holiday.  Each complete with a $50 Walmart Gift Card, "I Am Lovable" motivational journal, candle, body butter, wine glass & coaster, red lipstick, and chocolate.

"Pamper Me"

February 2018

Valentine's Day is no exception as four anonymous donors allowed us to send love with love.  Curating seven (7) gift boxes filled with candles, flat irons, nail polish kits, jewelry boxes, electric toothbrushes, Victoria Secret coin purses plus snack packs and one (1) "Expecting Mom" gift box with tummy butter, bath bar, bath petals, baby rattle, and "What to Expect Expecting" Book.   


"Start Where You Are"

October 2017

For Domestic Violence Awareness month we thought this journal of inspirational messages and encouraging exercises was perfect for self-exploration and healing.  Valued at $16.00 we split the cost and asked friends to pledge just $8.00 per book.   An outstanding 26 books were donated to Turn Around Inc.. 


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for "Gifting Back" Details

  • Do you profit off of donations?
    No, that's not our style. No additional costs or profit is made on "Gifting Back" gift boxes. Ever.
  • How do I apply FREE SHIPPING to the "Gifting Back" gift boxes?
    When purchasing a gift box to donate to a Domestic Violence Survivor at Turn Around Inc. shipping does not apply. Since we hand deliver your gift to the Turn Around office staff this gift box will appear in your Cart without shipping fees, all other gifts in your Cart will be charged shipping unless otherwise stated. Free shipping offer not vaild on non-donation purchases.
  • I have products. How can I donate to "Gifting Back" gift boxes?
    Simply email us at and tell us more about you, your brand, products you want to donate and suggested quantities. Thanks for your inquiry can't wait to learn more about your company.
  • Who is Turn Around Inc.?
    Turn Around Inc. is an private, non-profit agency located in Baltimore and Towson, MD who's mission is to provide counseling and support services to victims of rape, incest and domestic violence and to increase community awareness and understanding of these issues. Their services include case management, thearpy, legal advocacy, shelter, referrals and employment readiness. Learn more at
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