For the women empowerment, Michelle Obama lover this gift collection says "We Go High" on all facets.  From a mug of regal women to a Michelle quoted lapel pin down to a Feelin' Myself keychain she will love inspiration.


  • "You Go Girl" PORCELIN MUG features the names of Michelle Obama, Coco Chanel, _____, etc in royal blue and gold handle  #womanowned
  • "When They Go Low, We Go High - Michelle Obama" ENAMEL PIN in white with gold lettering #womanowned
  • "Feelin' Myself" KEY RING is gold plated brass with a round ____ charm 
  • GOLD DOTS MINI NOTPAD is ideal for her purse and features an elastic band closure 
  • Gift arrives in a GOLDEN GIFT GEISHA keepsake GIFT BOX wrapped in Quartz Ribbon and Peacock Feather 

Women Rule Gift Box

  • Supporting woman owned brands is important to us thus each product created or owned by a woman is indicated by the hashtag #womanowned

  • Celebration gifting is memorable, thus Shipping Signature Confirmation is included to ensure your gift is received by the proper recipent.

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