When it's her Birthday but she just wants to sleep all day so she can dance all night.  Send her the perfectly themed mug, super cute matching pillow cases and refreshing rose lemondae.  Then tell her to snap a pic just like the mug for fun!


  • "Today I Do Nothing" COFFEE MUG (16 oz - microwave safe) features a woman dancing on her bed with champagne in her hand and appropriately designed "sleep all day, dance all night" pillowcases  #womanowned
  • "Sleep All Day & Dance All Night" PILLOW CASE SET (2-piece) are a soft 200 thread count.  White with black font adorned with a gold glitter heart, 100% cotton, and recommended handwash for care.  (20 x 30 inches)
  • PREMIUM ROSE LEMONADE BEVERAGE (12 oz) features the a three sweetner blend atop a lovely scent of rose with a tangy and refreshing taste of lemonade.  Rose Lemondade is also full of antioxidants which has healthy benefits.   #womanowned
  • "California Love" DARK CHOCOLATE SALTED PRETZEL BAR by Compartes Chocolatier features delicious Los Angeles gourmet dark chocolate, crushed San Francisco sourdough pretzels and sea salt
  • Gift arrives in a GOLDEN GIFT GEISHA keepsake GIFT BOX wrapped in Blush Ribbon and Peacock Feather 

Important*ish Gift Box

  • Supporting woman owned brands is important to us thus each product that is created or owned by a woman is indicated by the hashtag #womanowned

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