She is either well versed in the kitchen or she could use a little nudge towards healthier eating and that is what friends are for.  Your gift encourages her to try something new plus spruce up her lunch time with a chic carry bowl and matching untensil set.  Get her excited about healthy*ish living. 


  • "Healthy*ish " COOKBOOK by ____
  • "Calories Are The Tiny Creatures That _____" KITCHEN TOWEL
  • LUNCH BOWL by W&P is dark grey silicone 
  • UTENSIL SET by W&P in dark grey silicone 
  • Gift arrives in a GOLDEN GIFT GEISHA keepsake GIFT BOX wrapped in Quartz Ribbon and Peacock Feather 

Heathly*ish Gift Box

  • Supporting woman owned brands is important to us thus each product created or owned by a woman is indicated by the hashtag #womanowned

  • Celebration gifting is memorable, thus Shipping Signature Confirmation is included to ensure your gift is received by the proper recipent.

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