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Elevate your Gift with Custom Ordering

Gifts full of individuality.  Browse and be inspired!  Starting @ $90.00

FIRST: Email us all about your gifting needs.  Tell us the recipients name, favorite color, age, lifestyle (traveler, sports fan, crafts & DIY, fashionista, baker & chef, etc.), their favorite Brand names, if they like tea, candles, accessories, etc.  What are your “must-have” items? To help with your descriptions, click one of the 4 gifts below to preview client examples.

Custom Orders start at $90.00 per box (excluding shipping and gift card values).  Contact us at for inquiries. 

Discuss & Deposit

SECOND:  We’ll follow up with you to learn more about your gift expectations and provide a link for a 50% non-refundable deposit to start curating your gift.  This link includes your Custom Order Number for easy checkout.  There you can select the note card and write your personalized message. 

All Done!

THIRD:  We curate your gift within 15 business days.  Then send you a photo with itemized product details.  We'll discuss adding or removing any items to ensure you LOVE IT!  Once you're satisfied simply pay the final balance, we ship (w/ tracking notification) or you can pick-up locally (schedule pick-up time online.  see task bar). 


In sum, kick back and take all the credit as your friend says, "You're Thee Best Ever!”

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