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now - October 15, 2019 


Joy during the holiday season is spending time with loves ones.  But, with a long holiday "To-Do" agenda, clients to service, gift lists to conquer and parties to throw or attend, it’s becoming

increasingly difficult to find that special time.


why Should I Pre-Order?

Holiday gift pre-ordering is now available for corporate clients because shopping ahead eliminates so many stressors.  Last years request for pre-orders were so successful we made a few tweaks, added more options and included perks.

The #1 reason our customers prefer to pre-order is simple.  Pre-planned/paid = Less stress  See a few of their other reasons below:

  • Reduced anxiety with more time to plan, bake and spend with friends, kids and partners

  • Bypass the Mall chaos, parking wars, and long store lines

  • Avoid "sold out" gifts or wait-listing

  • No time wasted in line at the post office

  • Taking advantage of low cost USPS Ground shipping by ordering early

  • Pre-Ordered gifts receive priority service during our busy season

  • Receiving shipping reminders via email as delivery date approaches

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how  To Pre-Order?

  • Click the "Pre-Order Now" button above to view all available gifts

  • Select the curated gift box(es) you want to order

  • Enter your gift message for each gift box and a preferred delivery date (deliveries between November 11th - December 24th)

  • Your gift box(es) will ship from Gift Geisha to arrive on the day you specify

  • Add your gift box to your shopping cart with the "Add to Cart" button and repeat for each gift box if messages and addresses differ.  Otherwise, follow the prompts to Checkout.